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Raiders, thx for the post. I will look deeper at this game.

I was scouting out the Lions. Lions off a great opening-week win.

IMHO, Seahawks are phony. They lucked out in that division last year:
*Cardinals were a mess.
*Rams had a lost season with injuries. They used four QBs.
...When the Seahawks had to play a real time (the Niners), SF rolled them 3x.

Every year, there's an NFL team that feasts on a soft schedule. Last year, it was SEA.

I will look at DET, thx to your matchup note. I really think the market is reluctant to lay pts w/ DET (based on history). Det -4 could be a very tasty bet.
Crowd will be wild and Campbell's been riling them up to break a decibel record.