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Nashy, would like you to issue a State of the Union for SBR.
I'm not a man of few words, Peavy will be the first to tell you that, Opti as well.

Quite the opposite, I'm a man of too many words, I'm a bit of a blowhard (Shocker, huh)
You know I can be long winded, For every ten words I speak maybe two of them are really relevant, the other eight, mostly filler.

Ally on the other hand , she possesses intelligence on loan from God, she's just that brilliant, but she's a woman of very few words, for every word she speaks is very relevant, so when she speaks it's best to process every word, the amazing thing is how she hasn't bludgeoned me across my temple with a steel spade shovel to death yet.

In real life I was an IBM Mainframe Operations Analyst,
Not so much anymore as I am now semi-retired.
(That was the official job title and job description on my HR file)
Pretty boring, huh?

So, I like to think I am qualified to answer your question, note, I didn't say I am qualified, I said I would like to think,,,

But I'll cut to the chase, no guarantees though that I'll give you a short answer.

I say this not because I like to talk about myself (and God knows I've been guilty of that in the past) but as a point of reference so to speak.

I've been in the business since Derek Jeter's rookie year, I know this because back in 1995 my late, great dad asked me "What do you think of the Yankees chances this season, to which I replied "I don't know Dad, you know hard hard it is to win with a rookie shortstop"
Proving myself wrong, yet again.

This I remember like it was yesterday, and I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday.

Let's forget about the fact that I help out around here.
Simple put, an analysts job is to collect as much available facts and data available that is relevant to the topic at hand, and come to an informed, educated conclusion based on those facts and data.

So, from a professional IT analysts POV, and as a 28 year veteran, both paid and otherwise, with social media platforms like this one, here goes...

Nashy, would like you to issue a State of the Union for SBR.

* SBR since the new ownership took over several months ago is still a work in progress.
A slow work in progress, but a slow but positive work in progress that is trending (IMO) in the correct direction.
Case in point, have you seen the front page lately, it's streamlined and hardly cluttered anymore.

I don't think it's fair to comment on the interest level of an upcoming NFL season when we are still weeks away from commencement.
Why don't we wait until December and we'll revisit that question.

Long story short...
(which I am not capable of making happen)

SBR is still a work in progress that is heading in the right direction.
I like the new business model, I also like who I answer to here these days as well.

I have a project for you.

You say you enjoyed last seasons Contrarian thread, right?
You also say you don't think the interest level will be there this season, right?

Why don't we (and we being you) create such a thread, maintain that thread, and let's find out together if indeed that interest level is there or not, instead of speculating on that.


That's it, you asked, I responded.
I don't want this to turn into a Q and A thread, so that's it.

Now I'll sit back and wait for some poster to call me out, twist all the words I just posted into knots to fit their agenda with innuendos, and untruths, and attack me without directly calling me by name mind you, by saying I am naive and contradict myself.

(Like that's never happened before)