Originally posted on 07/16/2023:

Thought I should update things. I have thus far collected 3 separate $94000 payments. The speed of the payments has not been great but not yet bad enough to trigger a separate complaint. Payments were supposed to be about once per month. The one I am waiting on now is about 10 days behind schedule. The previous payment was equally late though I did get it. There were no forms that I had to fill out. As far as legal recourse or some sort of gaming authority, I think I am out of luck. These Rival casinos I don't think have a reputation for operating in locales with strong authoritative oversight. The guy I talked to at Casinomeister certainly didn't give me that impression. The net on this win is still subject to taxes so the $36000 is only offsetting some of the net. On a separate note, there might be another take away from all this. After I won the $605,000, the jackpot amount reset to $2500. Therefore, it pays to do at least a little investigation into which jackpots to go for. That $2500 would be as hard to win as the $605,000 I won.