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The Big 3 of the 80s were wildly better than Tatum and Brown. By win shares at this point in their careers Larry Bird was slightly more valuable than Tatum and Brown combined. McHale and Parish combined were more valuable than Tatum & Brown by win shares too.

Boston could improve a lot by ditching Brown in favor of a player like Damian Lillard. In the 80s it would be very hard to find better immediate player than the players they already had in their core.

I agree that it is surprising that Boston hasn't won a championship since Tatum joined the team given their multiple deep playoff runs. That said, the Celtics of the last 6 years aren't anything close to the NBA dynasties of the past.

Just my opinion...
With what you just said.... I'm tired of the NBA pumping up Tatum saying he is "ELITE". Elite at??? What??? Either Tatum should take the heat for not winning anything... or Brown should. Tatum isn't a die hard clutch player. Most of his stats come from blowing out teams who have given up during the regular season. In the Playoffs... Tatum is a choir boy. Nothing more than a little choir boy.