Originally posted on 06/04/2023:

Feeling here is Miami is not going to shoot 40% from the field again, and they had better put up more than 93 points tonight or they're going to find themselves down 0-2 and done.

Feeling here also is Jimmy Butler will be much sharper than his 6 for 14 game one effort as well.
Bam will get his from inside, I'm not concerned about him, but if Butler plays to expectations, and if Maxi, Vincent, or Lowry can a few from long distance, I see no reason why this game can't reach 222 plus.

Maxi can't duplicate that 0-9 from three point range again, can he?

Denver will get theirs, no question about that.
They can stuff the stat sheet with any one of their four starters, and even KCP has been known to hang a few 24 burgers.

Miami can triple Joker all they want tonight, Murray, Gordon, and Porter can pick up the slack.
Miami has no answer for the Nuggets offense, the only ones that can stop Denver is Denver themselves.

I like the total better than the side.
I still maintain that Denver goes up two games to none, the 8.5 makes me a tad queasy, Miami does have a few shooters capable of hitting three's, and there's nothing worse than getting backdoored with a couple of last minute threes.

My policy is I rarely lay -360 on most anything, I can't bet the money line, and I can't bet Miami either.
(I suppose I could, but I won't)

Miami - Denver Over 216.5