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LOL, now they are just trolling maga Karens for more publicity.

It looks like the market has taken a LOT of profit from the poor babies who sold it during the Maga tantrum as well.

Tough to be so brainwashed that you end up as perma-victims to be taken advantage of by the clever.

Did you guys get that Bud Light marketing woman sacked yet btw?
what you are doing is so predictable. Brainwashed? Maga Karens? Maga tantrum?

Pretty much the opposite of what you pretend is true is actually reality.

Brainwashed are those who threaten to harm an actual female swimmer by cornering her in a room for hours. Her crime? Her crime is sticking up for women. Sticking up for those women who competed for a long time, made sacrifices and dedicated themselves only to have their opportunity taken away by some dude. This should be applauded by everyone, but it isn't. A tiny minority of people suffering from an obvious mental disorder will try and convince you that men can say they are women and society must accept this as fact. If you refuse, then you are transphobic, homophobic, a bigot and probably a racist as well. Those are the real temper tantrums. The real Karens. The mob of lunatics threatening to harm someone for speaking the truth.

Never mind that guy wasn't very good competing against other dudes. Adding insult to injury, this dude is allowed to walk around in the women's locker room with his frank and beans in full display. Ya, nothing wrong about that. You must accept this also or you are a transphobe racist maga.

Normal people see what is going on here. They are lying to everyone and for some unexplainable reason, some companies and some people are going along with this nonsense.

And speaking of brainwashed. Its not about anything you claim Opti. Its about decency. Its about respecting women. Supporting women. Real women. It's about pushing back against having transgenderism shoved in our faces.