Originally posted on 12/11/2022:

mr rob, the best one would be barstool (hollywood casino properties)

if you deposit 1000 at the casino (for the app), and bet it all on 1 bet, the refund is CASH instead of a freebet... and not only that, until 12/31/22 they also give you another 500 CASH about 5 days later

both the 1000 come back (if you lose), and the 500, have to be bet again... but the value of that offer is about $1000 vs the value of the caesars offer which is only about $300 (since 1/2 the time you get a 1250 freeplay that is worth about 600)

and if an offer is only worth 300 it might really be worth about 0 because if you win caesars might give you a w-2 and make it taxable