Originally posted on 11/24/2022:

OK its kind of a family tradition to gather around in the living room to drink excessively, smoke way more weed than we should, make wildly heavily juiced bad bets that don't have a snowballs chance in hell to cash, then go outside and do some drunk target shooting with various pistols. All before we sit down and eat our own weight in turkey. In a word my family is full on redonkulous and it seems to be a thing because even neighbors get in on the act.
Shit at the current moment allot of the women folk have already shown up for Christ sake to do some cooking and arranging the polish kielbasa / shrimp platters and all the other things. It goes on all day and all night until we pass out. It's the one day were we can drink all day and not be looked at as having a substance abuse problem. So raise your Mimosa, or in my case since I was out getting hammered last night, that bloody Mary.
Celebrate the time when our people floated over from Europe befriended the indigenous people who lived here before either raping, killing or if they were lucky, rounding them up and sticking them on the most uninhabitable land we could find. Don't fret though if you are of native American heritage, remember your people did get to name most of the places in the country so you'll always have that and a random casino in the middle of nowhere to celebrate with Chief Tumbling Dice.