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Little by little the casinos are destroying the game of BJ. 8 deck shoes, paying 6/5 on a players BJ instead of paying 3/2, dealers must hit on soft 17. Every one of these is a house advantage.
Slowly but surely some of the casinos are backing off that BJ 6/5 bullshit.
Too much negative publicity.
Some casinos don't give a shit, and they'll never get a dime of my action.
Some joints will give you the 3:2 BJ and stand on all 17's, but you must give them green chip or higher action.
You want the lower limit games, it's 6:5 (I know a few joints that does that)

Than there's my go-to's, the casinos that never f ucked with the game in the first place.
I love Orleans in Las Vegas. They give me a 10 dollar, minimum, two deck shoe, proper odds game.
You can't ask for a better game (well you can, single deck)
Plus Orleans spreads all the mixed poker games too, love their poker room.

Oh, their creole shrimp gumbo is to die for.