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    I don't believe you ... please continue
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    It's just the Leftist Nazi regime proving once again their anti American agenda. : No

    Originally posted on 09/30/2022:

    Quote Originally Posted by chico2663 View Post
    Nazi were right wing you dumb penetrate
    But is that really the case?

    Democrats have been throughout their history the party of racial segregation and racial classification. They founded the KKK. They legislate equal outcome rather than equality. That is what socialism is. That is what communism is.

    The Republicans legislate equality rather than equal outcome. They fought to end slavery.

    You can be Left wing and Right wing and still be proud and devoted to your country and all that is stands for. That doesn't mean its surpasses individual freedoms. It can be both.

    The far left are the ones burning down businesses and causing violence in the streets while applauding the storming of the Wisconsin capitol while pretending to be outraged when it happened in DC. The Right condemns all violence.

    The Right love their Country. The Left hate it and want to see it destroyed.

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    very well said. I suppose you will not get an answer due to the ''leftist, nature of the nazi'' lies.