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You ever notice how posters have all kinds of reason why, when they on the wrong side, but when they on the good side
of the issue (good numbers or what ever the case may be) just the number is fine.

look there I was wrong again more than what I thought

When President Obama was in office the DJI rose from around 8,000 two 20,000

Or about 250%.

once again you are not telling the entire story. What happened in 2008?

Give up?

Don't forget what these assholes did to the country. Remember the subprime mortgage thing? Politicians, banks and American credit agencies frauded the country and the world. They gave mortgages to millions of people with no little to no money down. You could be working part time at 7/11 and get a half million mortgage. People had 3 or 4 homes. Credit agencies fudged the numbers and gave these mortgages triple A ratings when they were anything but. They deceived Americans and the world. Billions were lost. Then what did the government do? They spent your money to bail these banks out. Thanks Obama! He spent nearly 10 trillion during his presidency with nearly zero accomplishments. In other words, Obama took over the presidency when the market had only one way to go. Up. And it did, despite Obama. My flip flops could have been a better president.

It's like giving the government credit for the jobs created after they closed down businesses all across the country and then allowed them to reopen. Oh wait, that happened with Biden. Never mind. lol.