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Back to back weeks bengals have penetrated me sideways on the last leg of a parlay. Missed an XP and a field goal to win last week, and this week losing to cooper penetrating rush. Iím in debt and broke and for some reason all I can think about is betting this trash every single Sunday. What the hell is wrong with me
Take this advice seriously. Cut your losses and stop gambling. Very very very few ppl win in the end. This shit is a joke if you think about it. We're betting our hard earned money on millionaires that don't give a single fuckk if they drop a ball or fumble or even finish a game(Antonio Brown for eg.) Just quit watching the shit too. These mfers are rapists(big Ben) woman beaters(Trevor Bauer) murderers(oj) neglect their kids(brady) they're a bunch of fuckn losers.

Instead of watching and gambling on sports do this. Invest your money. Max out your roth IRA and 401k at work if you have one. If you have Expendable money left over speculate in some cryptos. The time you spent watching sports instead use it to work out. Hit the gym run marathons walk for an hour whatever you're into. Spend more quality time with your family friends kids if you have any. You'll be 1000 times better off in life. Fuckk gambling and watching sports on tv. Most ppl that do it are flat broke and fat. Break the cycle. You'll be glad you did.