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Imagine using human lives as pawns and spending millions to send them to different states. Rescumlicans are just scum of the earth.
Once again, you are only accessing the part of the brain which is void of logic and reason. Over 2 million people have simply walked across the border illegally this year and were immediately given government benefits in exchange for mocking the country's rule of law. No sane country would allow this. It is suicide. It will destroy any country. Abbott understands this. So does DeSantis. So do millions of people.

Yet, this administration will look you right in the eye and tell you the border is secure. They are lying and they don't care. They think you are stupid. Obviously many are.

Go to El Paso and see all the illegals sleeping on the streets. You see it all over these border towns. Its impossible to handle them all, but the Feds refuse to do anything. They rather lie to you instead. After all, they have the liberal media to push back and spin the shit out of this. One guy on CNN compared sending migrants to Martha's vineyard to the holocaust. For months, Biden has been spending millions to fly illegals all over the country, including Florida. Biden's been giving them bus tickets, smartphones and off they go.

Imagine putting foreign nationals ahead of your own people. Think about that. That is what they are doing. Talk about using human lives as pawns. They will send billions to the Ukraine instead of helping their own people. That's the real crime here.

I feel sorry for these poor immigrants. I feel sorry for Americas who's lives are being threatened by an incompetent loser in the WH.