Originally posted on 08/29/2022:

Welcome to the NFL 2022 Straight Up Survivor Contest, beginning with NFL Kickoff Weekend starting September 8th. This is a Winner-Take-All contest with the winner getting 5000 Betpoints!

This contest is open to all, but ONLY SBR PROS qualify for the 5000 Betpoint Prize. If a Non-Pro wins this contest, he/she would receive a free one-year SBR Pro Membership, with the Betpoints prize going to the SBR Pro that advanced the furthest. If more than one SBR Pro advanced as far as the Non-Pro winner, then the contest would continue with the Pros only until there is a single Survivor.

If there is no single Survivor after Week 18 then Betpoints get split among Pro winners, with any surviving Non-Pros getting free Pro Memberships.

Simply select one NFL team to win each week - The Team Must WIN outright, TIES LOSE. Once you lose or tie, you are eliminated. Whoever advances the farthest is the winner.

Once you pick a team, you are NOT allowed to use that same team again for the rest of the contest.

If you miss one week it counts as a Loss and you are OUT.

Must post in this thread.

If a game is Postponed to a future week or does not reach 55 minutes of play, there is No Action and you must make TWO plays the following week. If a game is Postponed within the same week, i.e., Thursday to Sunday, Thursday to Monday, Sunday to Monday... the play has ACTION until it is completed. Note that "weeks" end on Monday, so if game is Postponed until Tuesday, it is considered a future week and would have No Action.

Picks must be entered by 1:00pm ET Sundays OR prior to kickoff of the day your selection is played if it is earlier in the week, even if your team plays later on Sunday or on Monday Night.

No Editing for ANY Reason, EDIT = LOSS = ELIMINATION
All picks are FINAL once entered with No Replacements allowed, except for FOLLOWING EXCEPTION:
EXCEPTION: If your original play gets postponed to a future week, you are allowed to (but not required to) submit another play prior to the Sunday 1:00pm ET deadline (or kickoff time of original play if it was earlier in week). If you submit replacement in time, the original play will be ignored. If you do not replace in time, refer to PPD rule above (you must make two picks following week).

You will NOT be allowed to replace a pick made on a team you have already used, doing so results in an automatic DQ!