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I haven't pivoted, still waiting for the tards to point out the word white anywhere in the agreement between all the teachers unions.
Geez, at least give half an inch when the policy sounds this awful.
Why don't you spell out which over represented groups they are talking about if white peoples are not top of the list?


Are you cool with punishing those groups not based on performance or seniority?

If not, who exactly is it that you are happy to see treated that way?

Can't you think of any other solution to bringing ethic/gender/religious balance to teaching staff?

I'd start with targeting the kids from under represented groups and giving them encouragement to want to become teachers. Not dismissing only the majority skin color or religion or cis gender types or whatever it is you say is the overrepresented group from the population.

They must have a great standard of teachers there to not care at all about quality or outcomes for the kids in hiring and firing policies. If I was a parent there I would be complaining directly to the union to explain why the kids are not #1 priority in our education system to them.