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Man armed with AR-15 style rifle shoots into FBI Cincinnati building with a nail gun and flees leading to interstate standoff

This guy is dead now because of Trump's election LIES. I suspect there will be more deaths to come. I doubt Trump will give a shit about any of it. DOZENS of Trump's OWN people told him he LOST the election REPEATEDLY FAIR AND SQUARE. Including his own LEGIT White House Lawyers all told him he was going to lose in the court rooms, and he did. They told him there was NO ELECTION FRAUD. They found NONE. This isn't Democrats telling Trump this. This is Bill Barr, this is his Campaign Advisors, people like Bill Stepien, this is his Justice Department Officials, this is his White House Advisors, this is his White House Council. These are people that were looking for election fraud. They found NONE. EVERYTHING had been debunked. EVERYONE knew it wasn't stolen. All these people I am mentioning, they told Trump REPEATEDLY, there was NO ELECTION FRAUD. They testified under oath that they told him this.

The only people that went along with the LIE, are the ones putting shoe polish in their hair like Rudy, and a few others like John Eastman and Jefferey Clark... all of these shitbags are pleading the 5th and begging for a pardon. This is not rocket science here. These guys are shitting their pants right now, I assure you.

But this guy was there on January 6th because he believed Trump's LIES... and now this is guy is DEAD because of Trump's LIES. If I was this guys family, I would be PISSED! And I doubt Trump will give 2 shits about this guy.