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for those that got the number at 8.5, (Heritage, Bookmaker, Pinnacle, Betanysports) congrats on the win!.......betonline was the only goddamn book that had it at 9!......I went at it with customer service and told them to quit fukkin' with the goddamn lines!...I'm convinced now more than ever, all of these offshore books alter their lines to each individual customer...I can't prove it but I would almost swear to it....but here again, this game should have been an 8 - 6 affair...both teams squandered many opportunities with bases loaded and less than two outs!......having said all that, I was relieved that at least I got a push...Anything is better than an "L"....
Seen the post after the game started so I was fortunate to see some early base runners and get it after the 2nd inning!
[9963] TOTAL o7-125 (RED SOX (LIVE) vrs GUARDIANS (LIVE))