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Hit a $1240 three leg same game parlay.

Almost always I stay away from these exotics, but DraftKings gave me a 50% profit boost.

This is what I did.
I adjusted Klay total points up to over 20.5 points scored off of 18.5 for +130
I adjusted Dallas team total points to over 107.5 points scored off of 106 for +120
Same with the game total, I moved that to over 217.5 off of 216, I think that was +130.

Anyway, with the 50 percent profit boost that three teamer pays +650

The basis was I really thought there'd be tons of scoring.
The hunch paid off.

I'll only play those dopey exotics only with the profit boost AND if my opinions are strong.
You have to be fukkin kiddin' me.

At first I thought you fukked up, but it's a "same game parlay", "SGP"

Nice hit, really, but ho lee shit on those odds.

You have a +130, +120, +130 parlay here. Let's walk through it...

$100 bet on the +130 brings back $230.
Bet that $230 on the +120 and bring back $276 + the original 230 for $506.
Bet that $506 on the final +130 and it wins $657.80 + the original $506 for a total payout of $1163.80.

That's +1063.8 payout.

And you are saying you got +650 WITH the 50% odds boost.

Like I said in that other thread. These aren't bookmakers they are marketing companies.

Now I recognize that it's a same game parlay and we could consider correlations in the odds, but even so, what's really happening here is that they are shorting the odds so much on the payout that they can add a "50% 'Profit' Boost" and still be ridiculous.


Un Fukkin Real.

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Outside of them sometimes being off market, and us sometimes getting a good price, these fukkers are real stingy when it comes to beating the derivatives.

That's where they are exposed.