Originally posted on 04/30/2022:

Typical of you trumptard dik lov’in whiny bitches.

Blame economic decline on the one man who’s actually trying to save it, a President who actually gives a damn about American lives here and across the planet where innocent Ukrainian civilians are being murdered by a Russian hitler hell bent on destroying the world.

President Biden didn’t start a war with a free country you nimrods, and Trump would have stood by like the little Putin bitch he is and let Putin’s ass invade Ukraine and murder people at will without lifting a finger to help the Ukrainians.

This is the kind of idiotic ignorant shit you get when brain dead republicans like you all run your big ignorant mouths and didn’t learn anything about basic economics and Global economy.

You all act like we make everything here and don’t rely on the shit we buy from every country in the world.

Putin’s war is fuk’in up the entire world on a global economic scale, at least President Biden has the balls to stand up to him.

Hang on to that pipe dream thinking a republican controlled administration is gonna snap its fingers and make everything all better for you brainwashed spoiled pussies.

Trump ignored all the warnings and proof about Covid 19 and look how many American lives were lost because of it.

Incited a deadly Capitol riot based on a bullshit lie and attempted to prevent the peaceful transfer of power to an elected President.

Drump left the largest deficit ever for 1 term President, and pardon criminals who conspired with Russia to get him elected.

Bitch’in about an over valued bloated stock market, controlled by rich fuks you’ll never be a part of.

Be thankful you have food and a place to sleep tonight without fuk’in bombs dropping on you and your family.