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Cry me a river. There is a difference between anti-vax and pro freedom. God bless novak!!!!
. Cry me a river you bloody scab. My family and I have been in some form of lockdown and now isolation for 22+ months. We do NOT give a shit about an arrogant idiot who canít read the room and realise that even his little COVID party was in bad taste.

The majority of us are hoping he gets kicked the f out of here before he can breathe Aussie air. Heís always been an arrogant, whining prick but this takes the cake with him. But yes Iíll tell my friend who lost her husband last week who is interstate that demonsicko on the internet said she should cry a river because sheís not allowed into Perth for her own husbandís funeral nor are they allowed to fly him to Melbourne.

Get fukked mate. This is a little sport. The more mature of us are talking about the lives of people.