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Nobody honors a bet at sbr. Morino isnít going anywhere
Oh come on man, there has to be a few. Shit, I did. Ask d2bets as I paid him in full. I totally forgot about the bet and was drunk when I did it, but I honor it w/ no complaints when he brought it to my attention. I even gave him 10% fee as I had to pay him back for betpoints w/ installment payments. I did it w/o him asking for it.

They weren't bets, but on my own for the thrill I did a few contests which I had w/o hesitation paid out 900 or 1,200 pts (can't remember how many contests as they were 3 or 4 for 300 pts each). I then did $30 btc for fun and paid NYproGambler (?) even after he said forget about it as I was having initial problems sending it. The point is, is that I honor my word and have backed it up constantly. Can't say if it's the majority of posters, shit Cuse ran and still owes me, but I know a few here that do honor their words.

Shit I almost do hope I lose to show the losers here that you need to honor your word. But it would be hilarious to see moron crying and refusing to leave.