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That's not fighting Morino, you have a lot to learn. Those are all facts.

You just take it personally and want to lash out out of frustration either because you are in denial or really don't have a good sense of self.

I demonstrate often enough with facts where you go terribly wrong in choices you make. Everyone caps differently, I respect that, but there are some very basic, fundamental concepts around which you will never win without understanding.

You demonstrate a lack of understanding of many of those concepts. One reason this is true after "gambling" so long is that your ego forces you to take it personally, you fight, shutdown, and have no help of learning.

Believe it or not this is very common among gamblers like you. Morino, I've taught hundreds of bettors how to gamble over more than 2 decades, from the psychology of it to the market mechanics to the more esoteric topics.

I've seen you dozens of times over Morino, you are in need of self reflection.

It starts there.

I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or to, you need to be willing to learn, especially from your mistakes. You can't chalk everything up to bad beats and "variance" because that's simply not how it works.

What an absolute soul searching education lesson this is.