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“Vit is a tall dude with a very attractive wife” Dustyy
You have placed that quote in here ad nauseam.

yeah, the pic that you sent me had a decent looking lady in it. You said it was a pic of you and your wife and like the night of my original post, I said that I have no reason to doubt it was you and your wife but I could not verify nor confirm. So, I said you were tall but notice I stayed away from weight and facial appearance. You could weigh 600 pounds and look like The Elephant Man as far as the forum knows. Nothing about you except you are 6 feet give or take was in my post. You have lost a shit load of weight if you are the weight you stated in here. Hopefully these dudes will be honest and report back with some pics at this AC event. Who is the idiot that keeps saying you are some south Philly tough guy and said you were 34 years old? Is this one of the guys you now say have confirmed and verified you?

I personally think you are naive and shows what very little you know about reality outside of this site. I don't like you and I never will, I think you are full of shit. You shared all of this personal information with me on a promise that I would never share any of it with anyone. A promise made with someone who does not like you, a person you have never met or ever spoken to outside this forum. Despite several requests from some, I have kept my word and not shared one piece of information with any one. My word is good, no one will ever see those pics but you were a total fool for sending them from your personal phone.

I look forward to seeing some of the pics from your AC event if it takes place.. If the pics are the same as the one's you sent me, I will be glad to finally confirm and verify you.

Finally, congrats on your run. My offer still stands on a 50 play head to head 6 month ban. You said that you were afraid I would stiff you but we both know that's not the reason. A 6 month ban for me would be a minor inconvenience. For you, it would be a life altering event