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It wasn’t betting large on ping pong. On another A+ site I bet huge on ping pong and they didn’t care.

I honestly think it was withdrawing too much. Since William Hill had no bitcoin or no max withdrawals per week, I would be up a lot and withdraw constantly. The same thing with bet 365.

When I say “it was within their rules” I mean I didn’t open up another account. One would figure when a bet is accepted on the site, you are following their rules.

Again they can do whatever they want, I would wish I got a warning because I asked them a few times: “are you OK with my withdrawals.” They said “no problem.” And then banned. If they sent an email saying “Hey, even though we are rated A+, don’t withdraw this much, or don’t do this, or don’t do that.” Perfect.

It is what it is. I’m not totally blameless with the constant withdrawals. Probably stick to bitcoin sites from now on.
OK so now that you're being honest with the most likely reason you've been banned, it seems appropriate that you would change the OP and the title to something accurate, like SBR A+ Rated Sportsbooks banning players for withdrawing too much - and remove the 'winning players' aspect of the OP and change it to 'withdrawing too frequently'.

I mean, you're all for SBR going out of their way to outline what books do, and you even want books to email you to spell out to you exactly why they don't want to deal with you, so now that you are being honest, at least do the right thing.

Honestly, what a headache. This is a you problem, not them. They handled this perfectly and appropriately.