Originally posted on 01/26/2021:

There were plenty of things wrong with this game. Packers D (and coaching staff) was TRASH in the first half. And then Packers offense (and coaching staff) was TRASH in the 2nd half. Brady threw 3 picks and you only had 6 points to show for it. In no circumstance does it make any sense to kick that FG on 4th and 8. Because these are the scenarios:

1) You get the TD, you get the 2-pt conversion, the game is tied and you're chillin.

2) You get the TD and miss the 2-pt conversion, and now you've gotta stop Buccs with a 3 and out and hope for a game winning FG.

3) You miss it on 4th down and you pin the Buccs in their own 10 and hope to stop them on a 3-and-out and have another chance at getting the TD.

All of these scenarios are MUCH better than kicking the FG because you're still giving an OPPORTUNITY for your team to win the game.

I'm also sour cuz i had GB +3 and the O44 in a 7 point tease and a TD woulda saved me.