Originally posted on 01/13/2021:

Here's another thing we are going to look at, I think.

Here are BOL's actual Total lines. Not counting prices, we see 30.5 right now. We can work with the prices too, or just take note, but notice all the lines priced towards the UNDER, except the swing game.

But BOL favors that OVER on the salami. Can you use the prices in the games to help figure the salami? Not really, but it can be one piece of the puzzle. Remember, what we're looking for are market extremes. One thing we're noting here is any line movements that will vary from the salami. We can use the actualy values of the points to determine what a better bet is, but those are trees.

For now let's just watch the forest...

BOL's game lines...

7:00 PM 41 Pittsburgh Penguins Ov 6 114
42 Philadelphia Flyers Un 6 -126
7:00 PM 43 Montreal Canadiens Ov 6 104
44 Toronto Maple Leafs Un 6 -115
7:00 PM 45 Chicago Blackhawks Ov 6 109
46 Tampa Bay Lightning Un 6 -120
7:00 PM 49 St. Louis Blues Ov 6 -101
50 Colorado Avalanche Un 6 -109
10:00 PM 47 Vancouver Canucks Ov 6 -118
48 Edmonton Oilers Un 6 107

Total numbers are 30.5. We can approach this from so many different levels, or sophistication, and root out all kinds of shit.

It usually takes about two weeks to get a good bet, but things are so much more volatile now we just might see things sooner.

Let's do something special in here Jay, a real mic drop moment with the NHL Totals markets. I'm down for sharing.