Originally posted on 12/12/2019:

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What’s are mental bets?
Back in the old days of gambling, prior to internet
and live in game betting you had to call a bookie he would
read off all the lines( you had to be quick with your pen in hand)

Then you would call him back with your plays, if you
tried calling minutes before kickoff many times you would
get a busy signal( for those who know what that is) youd
keep calling to get through before kickoff..

Finally you get through but it’s 1:03 pm.. 3 minutes
after kickoff... you’d plead with the phone guy to let
the bets be good.. he would tell you sorry can’t do

You now have a mental bet as opposed to a cash bet.

meaning the bet is still in your head. you will now
hope the other side wins saving you money as opposed
to cashing if you would of won.. thus you now have a mental
bet..no escaping it back in the day.. now you can
just bet the game after it starts at juiced up vig.

hope that helped.