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Really wasn’t talking about their poker play....although there was some suspicious activity where they would both jump on an Omaha table right before they closed so they would be the only ones allowed at the table.
Im talking about the large fake bets that firekillex would routinely lose and then he’d dump thousands of points to waves. And waves would immediately cash them out.

Really not worried about a DQ in the poker World Cup. Reading Shari’s message, I took it those guys (Panama crew) were banned for good. If that’s not the case, then no big deal. If it is the case, then Bobbywaves and Firekillex should receive similar punishment.
Bobbywaves and firekillex are no longer active members at SBR. And to be honest in Bobby’s case I tried to do it ages ago when he had his second ghost account trying to vouch for him in some scam thread like an idiot. Mate, when an account only has three posts in 8 years or whatever and they’re all sucking Bobby’s rooster (curse word alert) it’s not hard to figure it out. Especially when the IPs are from the exact same place.

I was vetoed on that banning but fortunately I never will be again. I may be harsh on scammers and ghosts but I have always been fair. As it should be at the tables and when you enter an SBR contest and I promise I’ll always do my best to ensure it is