Originally posted on 11/15/2019:

Well I arleady visited the call girl with last week's profits, so later I will try to pound one out on the ole lady (odds +135), then tomorrow I'll act
like I give a sh#t while watching the kids at the high school soccer game and secretly eye the hot moms cheering on their kids. Then come home
pop a few beers and burn a doobie while checking out the new Lagwagon Album then watch some college football on the tv. Then on Sunday I'll start with
church (Yeah right), and then pop some more beers before the games start and continue to drink and watch football for 10 hours before coming upstairs
to offer the ole lady the soft wood sandwich which she will refuse. Then I'll pass out with the whole bed to myself after the ole lady sneaks out to
see her gardener friend to talk about orchids .