Originally posted on 10/23/2019:

I use an agent to bet with Pinnacle (PS3838 or whatever it is these days) I have been allocated an account with letters and numbers.

Pinnacle obviously know its via their agent as they would I am sure set the whole thing up to operate like that, and are happy to accept bets knowing and agreeing that the agent will verify my identity and ID etc.

This surely must have happened with Bet-IBC when they signed a contract with Betfair to supply them with their clients accounts, and Betfair surely must have been aware of the fact that these clients accounts would be in false names as part of the setup.

If they wernt then Bet-IBC need to pay the player, if they were then Betfair needs to pay the player, or supply irrefutable proof that there was a funds passing incident. This would be easy to prove as the bet would be sizeable, and on a quiet market at way out of line odds, and the funds receiver would attempt to withdraw said funds.