Originally posted on 10/20/2019:

Two things are really bothering me in this thread.

First is the idea that the OP blackmailed bet-ibc, and the 2nd is the idea that there's some sort of issue with the OP calling what bet-ibc is doing a scam.

Both notions are absurd, and I'm surprised to see both originating from a Mod.

I get that bet-ibc said that the OP was blackmailing them, but how can you support that? Not only was it supported, but it was reported back to the OP as a good defense for why the OP wasn't being dealt with. As if he actually did step out of bounds. Letting others know that they are operating a scam is not blackmail. The OP is rightfully owed the money by the party that he is requesting it from. To call it blackmail is absurd.

I can't believe Optional asked if the OP knowingly took part in the scam if he's calling what bet-ibc is doing as a scam. The scam is the way in which the OP isn't getting paid. I mean, I thought that was what Sportsbookreview was for. To mitigate issues with people/books who try to scam. Historically when you bet with an offshore Sportsbook (because it isn't legal to do it in your Country), and they don't pay you, you need to figure out a way so that they will. You either let others know that they are a scam, or you turn a blind eye. In letting others know that its a scam you are preventing them from doing the same to other people. Just because you engaged in something that wasn't permitted by some technicality, doesn't mean that you weren't scammed. The OP was scammed in the same way that any contract is broken by means of false pretenses.

Anyways, again I just don't get it. The OP is getting ran over. bet-ibc owes it to the OP to have a much better explanation at minimum. At this point he is getting scammed. Simply not paying him and saying they don't want to deal with him because of blackmail is the biggest cop out ever. They deserve all of the heat they've gotten and anyone supporting these actions is brainless.