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Case and point why being pro status means something, even if you don't care about betpoints. If you are a newer non pro, say in the last few years, you get zero respect. It is all due to the hundreds of clowns we get in here per year every new sports season. If you are a non pro anyone of those handles can be a ghost or some clown. It happens year after year after year.
Doesnít have anything to do w pro vs non pro, we donít give respect to dipshits who donít earn it. There plenty of non-pros i have far more respect for than lot of ďprosĒ, all about quality content and having a clue. Impossible to respect some air betting teenager whoís incite on a game never extends past a lock emoji! Lol. I hope he a teenager anyways, it be really sad if this kid was a adult!

Granted most the non-pros who make quality post on games are in the sub-forums and there far fewer than there used to be that for sure.