Originally posted on 08/30/2018:


I can't tell you how much all your support means for us. Some of you have donated points, gofund me, and/or sent me funds through the Venmo app, THANK YOU!!!

An update that isn't on the Caring Bridge site is the conversation we had with the Infectious Disease team. Yes, They are treating him for Guillian Barre Syndrome they think it is something more or in addition to GBS. Andy is having cardiomyopathy and we were told if things go well that may be 8-12 weeks in itself. I can't leave his side, I want to be here when he wakes up and opens his eyes and takes a breathe. All of your positive posts truly are helping me! The funds sent via Venmo go 100% to us, although Go Fund me is great they take a %.

Again thank you!!! Bigday is fighting hard, I know that he needs to make it to the next bash, our girls next birthdays and our next adventure (Angelman Syndrome Gala)!