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Cause they don't understand how business works, that's why.. Obviously they don't go to WNBA games and check the low ticket prices and empty arenas... WNBA brings in no revenue and draws very little interest that's why.... League could fold in time.. Tax write off loss for the NBA is what this league is good for right now..

The WNBA has been around for over 20 years and has never come close to turning a profit. Very little revenue, plenty of expenses.

David Stern had two crusades:

1)The WNBA.

I guess Adam Silver told him he could choose one and he'd continue it and Stern chose the WNBA over his anti-gambling crap (Silver went against his predecessor and supported gambling).

If WNBA players were paid based on the revenue generated, they'd be making less than minimum wage.

Instead, they get paid about $75,000 on average. In return, they play basketball for three months.

But they constantly cry about how they should make more.