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I'm sure

same w dr Phil right ?
Dr. Phil is more of a religion.

Big Brother is LIFE.

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Giant, is there any value in staying up all night to watch the live feeds, for betting purposes?

Or are the books also up all night watching the live feeds?

Throw me a bone, Giant.

OK, what I really want to know is if there is any uncensored and ass action while watching the live feeds?
I'm always looking for inside information, diggity.

Whether it's getting ahead of the books, or catching some late-night bedroom activities. It doesn't matter. I spend my summer watching as many hours as I can.

One time I went 72 hours without sleep.

It was all about gaining that edge.

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I watched Season One with one legged Eddie.
Season two was the best ever.

Dr. Will is the all-time best reality player.