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No but from perspective of the site paying the prizes, it's still less expensive than paying them straight cash. The chances of the site recouping a percentage of the prize pool are higher with poker points that have to be converted to betpoints which has to be converted to a prize (which we don't even know will be bitcoin). 2% also seems a little generous. Look, I'm not disagreeing with you just believe the $ is worth a lot more than the points. Also, good luck finding someone to roll those points over. If you win a tournament it may take you a month to roll it over. And when did I insult you for spamming threads?
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Crypto thread

You compared me to Seaweed which I can't think of a much worse thing to do to a poster

Jake I don't remember seeing you playing Omaha Hi/Lo, but 400-600 point pots are a regular thing in there with a $3 rake. That's less than 1% and you can rollover very quickly playing that, a lot of people do. 2% is an estimate since it is a variable dependent on the poster which is why I didn't include it, but you can easily rollover for around 1% rake

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Sure that was me? Iím not Jake ...donít think i would have done that to you. I havenít posted much in there because Iím just learning.
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Wow, youíre right! I get you and Jake Peavy mixed up sometimes. My apologies

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Happens to me too
I'm always getting those guys mixed up