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why is everyone coming down so hard on Andy Reid?...was it his fault that KC's best weapon TE Travis Kelce got knocked out of the game in the second quarter with a concussion?!...he was their main offensive weapon all year long and was unstoppable today...with him in the game, the score was 21 - 3...also a couple of questionable calls by the zebra's that went in Tennessee's favor...the fumble by Mariota which they blew dead, and a couple of helmet-to-helmet hits which weren't flagged for targeting....but also credit to Dick Labeau for making the necessary adjustments and slowing down KC's potent offensive attack...basically brought pressure and blitzed more in the second half and play tight, press coverage...but the biggest key to this victory was the fact that the Titans were able to run the ball and wear the Chiefs down...there is a reason why KC was #28 against the run and the Titans stuck to their game plan and exploited that weakness...this opened up Tennessee's passing game with their read-option attack and made Marcus Mariota a deadly weapon that could beat you with both his arm and legs...the Titans took advantage and rushed for over 200+ yds in this game...not a whole lot Andy Reid could do about that...but getting back to the original point, I think it's safe to say that if Kelce doesn't get injured, we are having a totally different conversation right about now.
Exactly. Spot on. Reid not the scapegoat.