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Duplicate post here, yet figured I'd toss it on this string as well:

So I've been on this new site for about 10 days now or so. Here's my honest take on it, based on what I've seen thus far:


  • $100 in real cash with no strings attached to get started (FREE100 is the promo code)
  • MATCH100 gets you a 100% real money match with negligible rollovers (my buddy had a 1X rollover, while I had a 4X rollover)
  • Excellent customer service thus far. Reps are very responsive, flexible with requests, and provided proactive updates when their site was undergoing maintenance earlier this week
  • Very quick payouts - I requested the cash on Tuesday of last week....it arrived on Friday.
  • Referral bonuses applied quickly based on the deposit of the person you sent to them for business


  • Mobile version's casino is shaky. BJ often reboots while playing and is slow. Also, the account balance is on top of the screen and is sometimes overridden by the time stamp on the phone (for iPhones); level of importance on this is low as let's be honest, do we really need to play casino games on our phones??
  • Website has been down recently due to some improvements. The mobile version was still functional during this time however. Seems to have resolved itself as of now.

I initially theorized that this book was related to Oddsmaker due the similarity in the interfaces, yet the reps continue to be adamant that they are a standalone 'boutique' operation. I'll take them at their word on this (though to be honest, I have yet to ever have a problem with Oddsmaker so it's a moot point for me personally.)

All this being said, if they kept this level of performance and customer service up from here on out, I would probably use this site as one of my top choices. It would also be nice for SBR to reaffirm these points above. Regardless, I guess that time will be a good determining factor as to whether this site takes off and rises in the ranks of preference among players.

I'll happily post positive feedback about this site going forward as events warrant, yet will also be very blunt with any issues that I experience.
Looks like couple of dudes pushing this book HARD . With quick payouts and "FREE CASH"
No book can sustain 1X-4X rollover with 100% real money bonus .

Total bullshit and speaking of
  • $100 in real cash with no strings attached to get started (FREE100 is the promo code)

Check terms and conditions first so called no strings attached

  • FREE $100 OFFER

    • In order to participate, you must register an account. One account per household.
    • All sportsbook wager types other than parlays or teasers are permitted when wagering under this promotion.
    • The Bonus money must be wagered 25x times and the account balance must be brought up to a minimum of $1,500, only the winnings above $1,500 can be withdrawn. The maximum amount you can withdraw into the cashier account is $100.
    • The promotion concludes once a withdrawal is requested, the remaining balance will then be removed from your account during the withdrawal process.
    • This offer cannot be combined with any deposits or other promotional offers. Once you have concluded with this promotion, you are still eligible to claim initial deposit bonuses!
    • Free $100 promotion can only be claimed one time.
    • *General Terms and Conditions will also apply.

Good deal FAKE $100 for YOUR PERSONAL INFO