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I watched the fluctuations during the build-up to the Brexit vote. I wouldn't be surprised if some people/organisations were using it as a hedging device against other economic factors. It's cheaper than other currency transactions and subject to less public scrutiny.
I watched the brexit buildup closely too it was interesting. I'm sure there are some using as a hedge device and more to come. This is the most active bitcoin has ever been. There are many different factors that are driving the price right now. Before in the other hills and valleys over the short life of bitcoin there were few factors in each spike and stood out to the naked eye. Right know there are 3 times as many as ever before. The top 5 that come to mind right now are
1. Winklevos etf scheduled for march 11.
2. China's crackdown and move to regulate it.
3. Japans move to play bigger role in bitcoin world.
4. Venezuela and there economical mess.
5. Mexico's increased attention in bitcoin due to trump presidency.