25 years old and just another fvckin nobody. i drive an average car, dress in average clothes, associate with average people (even though they dont respect me), live in an average house, etc.

i feel fvckin invisible whenever i go outside...im a complete nobody, instead of standing out like the way i want to...i dont work because all work is in my opinion is a sign up sheet to the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle. college is a waste of fvckin time and thats why i dropped out, because even if i graduated with a 4.0 gpa id still only be a mediocre invisible person making shit money around 100k. and worst of all id STILL have a boss or someone to answer to..

I need to be driving cars that NOBODY can afford, living in a place that NOBODY can afford, wearing clothes that NOBODY can afford, and get girls that NO regular joes can f\*\*k. a.k.a the BEST of everything. Yet i cant even get a bitch to look at me. If i cant be a somebody, then what the f\*\*k am i doing? why am i even living? I dont want to be like jj or brock who command no respect and have a mediocre life. id rather be dead.

now im damn near 25 and time is running the f\*\*k out. i need to be sombody and start make money so ppl can respect me.