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Since a black man invented air conditioning than you should go thank a brotha
I thank Brotha's for many things from Music, sporting entertainment, military support, etc..

I have no problem with black people, I do have a problem with stupid, violent gang banging, dangerous black people though. Just like I have a problem with white trailer trash meth heads that are up to no good..

Mexicans I like but there are just too many of them coming into the States now illegally, most desperate, uneducated, etc... America is not getting the Mexican ones that are educated and have real skills.. They're bringing down the Country straight up. Alot turn to gangs and crime also which is not good..

Syrian refugees I'll feel the same way, not only do they pose a terrorist threat, It is clear that they won't adapt to western law.. They will rape and cause trouble just like they are doing in Germany now.. Can't let those people in... DANGEROUS!!!!