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I apologize...running somewhat late with this unplanned Syrian vacation.

Contest will begin on the 19th of Oct and will run all the way to the All-Star Break starting Jan 31st.

The Buy-In is 500pts

Anyone is welcome to join... But:

1. NoSackBenny - you can't cap for shit...we're talking about having a zero clue with whatever sport you touch- you lose time after time...and that's just bad for business....we don't want you to distract recreational punters- you can still tell your mom though, how great of a capper you're...let me know if you need to borrow camcorder or GoPor for that...

2. KillerDemo- no one in skirt plays hockey in Fresno, but you...thanks

3. Sweep- you're just a sad alcoholic...but I can teach you how to play hockey and swing with a stick at something other than those cops.....whenever you're ready....

Anyone else is welcome to join.

Best of luck!