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you got it backwards pal. poorest countries have the biggest believers in god. it's only fitting since the belief gives them hope.

who knows if god exists or not but neither can be proven hence agnostics always win in these debates...
No pal, you have it backwards apparently.

If you think all those secret society's don't have satanic backgrounds then you need to go do some research and post less. Like I said, the people running the world believe in God and the devil. A lot of them chose to worship the devil.......You can't have one without the other. This world is about balance.........God and devil.......good and evil..........right and wrong........ Humans have free will to make a choice.

And one last thing, if you really don't believe in God....do yourself a favor and read up on basic astrophysics. There is a reason why scientists that study outspace, time, etc, are turning into Christians. If you think this 1 entire Universe was a big total accident, you are a small minded person.