Originally posted on 11/22/2014:

Hi, poker mod SBR Douglas here.

Oh wait.....

Here are the results of the players' cashes; POS69 & dare should be booted from the poker series. Willfully took advantage of situation/system. POS69 basically clowning about it in the 11pm. BOOT THESE FUKKS FROM THE SERIES!!!

The 3 tourney guys should, at minimum, not have their third tourney pt cashes counted (if any).

Remember, some players (like oaf & Giant, for instance, didn't even get to play their allotted 2 for Thurs/Fri. -- Others too, obviously... couldn't sign up)

This is a poker series: COMMON SENSE AND FAIRNESS FOR EVERYONE SHOULD BE PARAMOUNT in the poker series Leader board. Do the right thing, SBR. (I won't be holding my breath tho, cuz I haven't made out my will.)

Played 4 times:

Playersonly69 300, 100, X, 600 ( results in order of trnys played)

dare X, 200, 300, X

Played 3 times:

oneunder 250, X, 600

deadphish 100, X, 300

darkghost X, X, 250

ninjagorn 250, X, 110

Basement X, 120, X

spider X, X, X

zwoeins X, 120, X