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Believe we gave him a 6 spot in game 1

@44mag....no different then Kershaw being publicly bashed by reporters pops. What's the difference? Every reporter has a different POV, some blame the bullpen, some blame Donnie, others blame Kershaw, that's there job. My job for the past year has been to make a living gambling and Kershaw really failed to meet what I feel was a not so high expectation. Compounded WITH THE Fact I Consider Myself A BIG Fan Of THE team, I find Nothing Wrong WITH Sending THE Letter. It wasn't tasteless, it wasn't rude, it just called him out. If I was working for the city making a meager 30 k and was publicly not performing people are going to call me out. Kershaw makes 30 million, and whether he likes it or not he's expected to perform, not just in the regular season, playoffs included and I called him out.
I think you should be fired from your job then!!!! Cards were the better team, that's it. Maybe we should all call you out and start looking for another job. And is the guy supposed to be perfect because you say so??