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Old man Mack Brown makes such a big deal about how the media keeps bringing up things like "Who will be the next Texas coach?" a while before he even says if he is going to resign or not, then last night says he is going to fight for his job because of shit like that (of course we all know he was going to resign then changed his mind when the media started writing him off).

Then today he "resigns" after saying he would fight. Screw that old bastard, he should have been fired years ago.

And of course by "resign" it means the board at Texas yelled at him for an hour or so telling him to get the fukk off campus until they all looked like they would have an aneurysm.

You Texas fans on this site just better hope you get a coach who doesn't wear diapers this time.

These big time Big 12 guys like Stoops and Brown piss me off. Stoops talks shit about the SEC in the off-season and ESPN for years hyped these two guys up like they were Gods, when in reality neither one of them could shine Saban's shoes. And Stoops will find that out once again when Bama stomps a mud hole in his team in the upcoming bowl game.

Texas and Oklahoma will get ranked in the top 10 or top 15 at least in the preseason and then not do a damn thing beyond one of them winning the Big-12 title like they do EVERY FUKKING YEAR. Unless you can find another dumb as a box of rocks field brotha like Vince Young, you won't win anything memorable in the forseeable future. Teams like Alabama only care about National Titles and the SEC title is just the stepping stone. The NY Yankees could give a single fukk about an AL pennant if they don't win the World Series. The Longhorns will have to ask themselves how much longer they can deal with your season high point being possibly winning a conference title.

Business as usual.

Yeah, I talk positively about the SEC because they have legit programs.

Let's line Alabama or LSU against the Big-12 champion every single year in the playoffs and watch the Big-12 get shit on EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Texas fans would rep their team if they played Bama or LSU, but they would secretly put their MONEY on the SEC team just like everyone else.