Originally posted on 02/05/2013:

I'd love to be in the jury box for a case like this IF all legalise jargon was replaced with SBR nomenclature and you'd get nuggets like this

"Objection your honor, the defense has never fuking heard of the plaintiff"

"Your honor the defense would like to move to dismiss the case on the grounds that Stevo is an attention whore, broke dik loser, lives in his mother's basement and is known as an auto-fade"

"If it pleases the court, I'd like to approach the bench.....'your honor saloon this shit!"

"The Prosecution would like to submit the following into evidence as exhibit B to support the theory that counsel is ghosting and was previously known by the name Ipickwinnersallday"

"Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, if this line of questioning doesn't lead somewhere and help the prosecution win, I won't post until 2014"

"repeat after me, I swear to pay back my betpoints loan 6 points a day, the whole 6 points a day and nothing less than half my winnings on my big lock wager this weekend so help me Yisman"

"objection your honor, prosecution is clearly badgering and trolling the witness, and this being a subforum proceeding and a weeknight with Shari91 on duty, the defense requests an infraction and 24 hr cool down"