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I almost shaved my head a few times, its hard man
I almost killed a guy 2 years ago for knocking my fukkin hat off at the airport and he did not even mean it
Hate going through security because at have to take it off and I look all over airport to see if anyone looking at me and shake like a fukkin leaf


I will never forget that time at the Vegas airport when me and my friends saw you in the security line with your hat off. We all laughed so fukkin' hard we thought we would die!

Remember how my one friend began to pelt you with those Sour Patch Kids he was eating? Oh fukk, man.....that was so classic!

I'll never forget the look of sheer horror and embarassment on your face. Your head resembled a shiny penny that day. I remember how you took off running as soon as you made it thru security, and my friend kept chasing after you throwing Sour Patch Kids at your glowing bald dome. FUKK that was awesome!

Thanks for reminding me of this special memory, pal!