Well, if you're our union leader, JJ, then it's time to make some f'n plays.
IMO, we gotta get pizzas back on tap. I'm ready to go protest where required. That's got to be our platform. It's always about the pizzas.

When talking with friends, I refer to them as 'pizza points'.
Me: "I got 4 1/2 pizzas on the Eagles to beat the 9rs on Sunday for 1 pizza. And if I hit big in the Beat the Prick pool, I'll get another pizza."
My friends: "....."
Me:"that's a lot of pizzas on the line"
My friends: "you're crazy, dude"

Since I can no longer send my friends pizzas, I am no longer taken seriously. Us non pros must rise up and claim our pizza points! We need respect!
Go get um JJ.