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    Futures, First Halves, Haftimes and Quarters

    I usually only make strait wagers for a whole game but am curious about things like first halves, halftime and quarter bets. Does anyone make these types of bets? Should they only be used for parlaying?

    Also I was looking at some futures and it seems like maybe these are sucker bets, what do you guys think?

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    There is usually more value to be found in these types of bets because the market is not as refined. There are more "off" lines. Futures vary at different books more than typical spreads so line hunting is big. Half times are my favorite bet because you get to watch the line from open to close and a half point here or there is much more important in half than it is on the full game. Quarter bets are fun but you usually can't find them after the first one and they often are more expensive where a half time is usually the same juice as full game. Half times are the best bets in basketball IMO. Books seem to agree by having much lower limits.

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